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The Rising Star of Niche Marketplaces: Mirakl

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If you haven’t heard of Mirakl, get ready to be amazed! Mirakl is a marketplace platform on which you can build your very own marketplace like Walmart or Jet. In short, it helps big eCommerce brands link to third-party sellers to create their own marketplaces.

online platform to create own marketplace

Providing the software infrastructure, there are many comparatively small marketplaces such as Catch Australia and Best Buy Canada who have created their own marketplace on Mirakl.

But what does that mean for eCommerce and retail businesses?

Creating highly niche marketplaces to target highly segmented markets allows you to grow your product base in your niche by bringing in third-party sellers, making your website a one-stop-shop for your customers.  

The platform is a niche, the marketplaces are niche and integration to this platform is also very niche. In fact, we’re one of the few platforms that integrate with Mirakl platforms, allowing a more growing online businesses to jump on the marketplace bandwagon.

In an Amazon-dominated eCommerce world, Mirakl is a rising star aiming to become the niche marketplace king. Since launching in 2012, Mirakl has launched over 100 marketplaces in 35 countries on four continents, making online marketplaces a possibility for any online seller, not just big guys like Amazon.

What Mirakl promises B2C and B2B sellers:

  • Own your customers’ journey from beginning to end
  • Access to valuable customer data that makes building an omnichannel business possible while keeping overheads low
  • Building loyalty and grow your customer base to grow revenue and site traffic
  • Improved overall customer experience by extending product selections through third-party sellers
  • A wider variety of products to create complimentary service and product packages
  • Establish yourself as the go-to place in your niche by easily expanding products and categories

Here’s what one of their biggest clients had to say about the platform:

Bottom line? Mirakl is ideal for creating niche marketplaces, linking third-party sellers to eCommerce brands. Add that to the fact that a whopping 50% of global online sales are on marketplaces; it’s time for smaller eCommerce multi-sellers and retailers to jump on the bandwagon. 

global revenue of all marketplaces

most popular marketplaces around world

[Image Source: Digitalcommerce360]


And the benefits are many! Here are the top benefits of running a marketplace business:

  • More revenue streams
  • Strong brand awareness and perception
  • Access to unprecedented data
  • A highly scalable business
  • More automation
  • Keeping your customers engaged

With a platform like Mirakl, it’s super easy to set up. For some inspiration on what this could mean for growing your multi-channel business, here is a list of niche marketplaces their clients have created and the niche markets they serve:

Niche Marketplaces Created with Mirakl

Beauty Marketplaces

Book Marketplaces

Department Store Marketplaces

DIY Marketplaces

Electronics Marketplaces

Fashion Marketplaces

Flash Sales Marketplaces

Food and Beverage Marketplaces

Food Retail Marketplaces

Generalist Marketplaces

Gift Marketplaces

Hardware Marketplaces

Healthcare Marketplaces

Home and Garden Marketplaces

Home Design and Furniture Marketplaces

Hospitality Marketplaces

Household Electrical Good Marketplaces

Industrial Equipment Marketplaces

Industrial Distribution Marketplaces

Life Science Marketplaces

Luxury Good Marketplaces

Multimedia/Video Game Marketplaces

Office Supplies and Stationery Marketplaces

Auto Spare Auto Parts Marketplaces

Sports Equipment and Leisure Marketplaces

Technology Marketplaces

Wine and Spirit Marketplaces

StoreAutomator integrates with Mirakl successfully, to learn more about integration opportunities and other features,
reserve your spot in one of our live demos!



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